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Alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and future children – make the right choice

Nowadays, alcohol and various tobacco products are advertised very often, and no matter how poetic the slogans are, bright and attractive posters, all the beauty is darkened by terrible inscriptions describing the consequences of the use of these “fashionable” goods. Alcohol and tobacco can bring out of the normal state all the processes that take place in the body of a formed person, let alone how difficult it is to resist this onslaught of a completely defenseless newly emerging body.

The fears that he will experience are not so ghostly. Each cigarette smoked by the expectant mother slows down the formation of the fetus. Tobacco not only has a detrimental effect on the lungs of the mother, it also prevents the penetration of oxygen and nutrients through the placenta to the unborn child. Of course, the baby will be born with insufficient weight, weak and with obvious disorders in the development of the central and peripheral nervous system, in all respects he will lag behind his peers for a long time and his smoking mother will be to blame for everything.

It also happens that insufficient nutrition and oxygen starvation leads to premature birth, both in the early and later stages, and the expectant mother not only risks losing this child, but also not having more children at all, and in case of severe complications, and part with your own life. Even moderate smoking does not exclude the possibility of placental rejection, and active smoking increases it by 65%. Ultrasound shows abnormalities in the development and position of the placenta in absolutely all pregnant women who smoke.

Even more is being spoken and written about alcohol and its harmful effects on the body. For alcohol, there are no acceptable portions of consumption for expectant mothers, since in any amount it increases the threat of premature termination of pregnancy, and large doses one hundred percent cause various anomalies in the development of the unborn child. For deviations of this type, the symbolic name of PAS was chosen – fetal alcohol syndrome. Inhibited development of the child before and after childbirth, limb defects, disorders of the speech apparatus and other consequences – by no means the whole list of all those “passes” with which the fetus’s body responds to the mother’s chronic alcoholism.

Along with internal deviations, appearance also suffers: strabismus, flat upper jaw, flattened nose are often found, but this is not the worst in relation to the fact that such children have a very large period from the 28th week of pregnancy to 7 days after childbirth. mortality. Future mothers, look how diverse the products are, which contain all the elements and vitamins that are useful for the normal development of the fetus, they are also amazingly tasty, therefore, for the health of your unborn child, give up tobacco and alcoholic beverages so that later it will not be excruciatingly painful.

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