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Cleansing the body after smoking

The decision to quit smoking is made finally and irrevocably. Or maybe you are already the lucky one who managed to overcome nicotine addiction and now enjoy life and freedom from bad habits. But regardless of the duration of the smoking experience, your body has received this or that dose of poisons, and now suffers from their harmful effects.

Cleansing the body after smoking

But, no matter what they say, the strength of a person’s life is such that he is able to recover even after the most serious illness, even after the highest poisonous doses. Let’s help the body cleanse the lungs and the whole body after smoking?

Cleansing the respiratory system

You can drink a lot of medicines and cleansing fees, you can do yoga or qigong , but until the lungs receive clean and fresh air every day, reparative (recovery) processes will go slowly. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the organization of a healthy environment.

Cleansing the body after smoking

What needs to be done to organize such an environment?

Ventilate the apartment with a through flow of air at least 4 times a day. The first time – in the morning after waking up, the last time – just before bedtime. If the windows overlook the roadway, then you need to ventilate from the side where the air pollution is the least.

It must be remembered that dirty air is not only dust and smog. These are also positively charged ions, which have a detrimental effect on the cilia of the lung epithelium. Positive ions are formed in large quantities during the operation of a TV, computer, microwave oven, air conditioner. Tip for an ex-smoker: Avoid prolonged exposure to these devices. To get a charge of negative ions, which facilitate the activity of the body, it is enough to take a shower, take a walk near the fountain, in the park, in the forest.

Buy a humidifier or use a homemade one. Air humidity below 25% is detrimental to the lungs, especially for lungs weakened by smoking.

Avoid dry cleaning. Wet cleaning should be carried out daily, followed by airing for 15 minutes.

Help yourself at work: ask to move the workplace away from office equipment – a plotter, printer, scanner. Agree with colleagues about frequent airing of the office space, wet cleaning.

Now you can begin to use tools that help repair lung tissue. Of the medicines (only after consulting a doctor) can help:

“Potassium orotate ” – it acts like steroids, restores body tissues, improves blood formation, but it does not have strong side effects, it is not a hormonal drug;

vitamins A, B12, physiological doses of vitamin C and E, as well as trace elements zinc and selenium. It is better to purchase a complex vitamin preparation with the prefix “stress” – they contain the optimal combination of these substances;

inhalations with ” Chlorophyllipt “: ¼ teaspoon of an alcohol solution of ” Chlorophyllipt ” in half a glass of water, once a day for a week:

at night, rub the chest and lung area (do not rub in the area of the projection of the heart) with one of the proposed means: menthol alcohol, “Doctor MOM”, camphor ointment or camphor alcohol.

Traditional medicine advises using to clean the lungs:

decoction of bay leaf: it is not only a “cleaner” of the lungs, but also an immunity stimulator. The smell of ” lavrushka “, spread throughout the apartment, will help to clean and improve the air. Rinse six sheets of laurel, put in a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water, insist overnight, drink 1/3 cup before meals during the day. Yaroslav noticed in the comments. It is strictly forbidden to use the decoction during pregnancy. May lead to miscarriage;

mixture of lemon and honey. Mix in equal proportions minced lemon and honey. Take 1 tbsp before meals for a month . Then a break for 10 days and again taking it for a month. There is no need to be afraid of an increase in the amount of sputum when taking this mixture – this is normal. Avoid adding aloe leaves to this mixture, as advised by some healers. Remember that aloe leaves can provoke the growth of malignant tumors, especially if there are prerequisites for this.

Yoga classes, other health-improving practices, including running, should be conducted under the guidance of an experienced teacher, since the body’s strength is significantly undermined, and excessive stress can worsen the condition. If you want to go in for sports, it is better to choose swimming in the pool or riding a horse, do morning exercises regularly.

Vessel cleaning

Vessels in smokers suffer no less than the lungs. Smokers are 12 times more likely to develop atherosclerosis than non-smokers. But in addition to atherosclerosis, vessels are threatened by many other diseases. Moreover, problems with blood vessels inevitably lead to dangerous consequences for the whole organism.

Cleansing the body after smoking

Before “healing” the vessels, you need to help them start working normally.

refuse to sit in non- physiological postures: legs (or one leg) under you, legs crossed, relying on one arm, with a “crooked” posture. Position yourself correctly on the seat: legs with your entire foot on the floor, hips entirely on the seat, back straight, table a palm-width below chest level. Every 1-1.5 you need to get up, walk a few steps, make 5-6 circular movements with your head.

drink enough liquid, on average at least 1.5 liters per day, the main volume of liquid should fall on time up to 17 hours;

if there are signs of vascular insufficiency, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, then you need to follow a “vascular” diet. This is dietary table number 10 according to Pevzner.

From medicines are recommended:

vitamins listed in the Respiratory System Cleansing section. You can add vitamin PP and the preparation of the plant Ginkgo biloba – a natural remedy that improves vascular tone;

it is recommended to take at night ¼ tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (” Aspirin”). The dose can be clarified with a cardiologist or therapist. “Aspirin” improves the condition of blood vessels, and also normalizes the rheological properties of blood.

” Riboxin ” – a tool that improves metabolism and nutrition of vascular tissues, the heart.

Traditional medicine offers a lot of means for cleansing blood vessels. Many of them are prepared on the basis of garlic. It must be remembered that garlic is able to increase the number of platelets, “thickening” the blood, worsening its fluidity. This is exactly what you need to avoid when cleaning vessels. You may be advised to use:

for two weeks, half an hour before meals, drink half a glass of potato broth twice a day. It can be prepared from washed peelings from three or four potatoes, or you can boil peeled potatoes – two pieces are enough. Naturally, tubers, even with a hint of greens (poisonous solanine), cannot be used. The broth can be slightly salted, pour a few drops of olive or linseed oil into it;

a mixture of medicinal herbs and honey helps well. For its preparation, chamomile flowers, yarrow flowers, birch buds are mixed in equal doses. A tablespoon of this mixture is poured into 0.5 liters of boiling water, carefully wrapped for 20-30 minutes. Squeeze the mixture, divide into two parts. Drink one at night in a warm form, putting a teaspoon of honey in it (preferably buckwheat or bottom honey). The second part is also drunk in the morning 15-20 minutes before meals. Drink for at least 3 months.

black tea with milk consumed daily is a great way to support blood vessels. You need to drink it “in English”, that is, pour tea into milk: five parts of boiling water with tea leaves for one part of milk. You can add honey or a little sugar to taste.

To maintain the activity of blood vessels, such sports activities as swimming, walking – at least 3 km daily, jogging are ideal. Morning exercises with exercises for all muscle groups also help to improve and maintain normal blood vessels.

Cleansing and restoring the digestive system

Cleansing the lungs and the whole body after smoking is impossible without cleaning the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not think that the digestive system does not suffer from smoking. Decrease in the production of saliva, gastromucoprotein , gastric juice, slowdown or increase in intestinal motility, constipation, dysbiosis (dysbacteriosis), lack of vitamins – this is only a small part of the negative factors that affect the organs of the gastrointestinal tract of smokers. It goes without saying that after quitting smoking, you need to help the digestive tract mucosa return to a healthy state, and the digestive tract organs should be cleansed.

Cleansing the body after smoking

If complaints about the poor condition of the gastrointestinal tract are leading in terms of symptoms, then the beginning of everything is a diet. The ideal option is diet number 5 according to Pevzner, including if liver function is impaired. If there are no such complaints, then table number 2 is better – it is used for gastritis, which smokers always have. Nutrition should be based on the principles of rationality, fragmentation, physiology . Fatty, sweet, salty foods should be avoided, adhere to the recommended diet with the correct distribution of the volume and caloric content of food for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Overeating, like fasting, does not correspond to the physiology of the digestive system and the whole organism, which means that they should be avoided.

Medications to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract should be taken only in consultation with a gastroenterologist or general practitioner. They can prescribe enzyme preparations, preparations that improve the reparative processes of the digestive organs (” Potassium Orotate “, ” Riboxin “, ” Gastrofarm “, folic acid, rutin, vitamins). Means that regulate the acidity of gastric juice – antacids or, conversely, acids can also be prescribed.

To speed up the elimination of toxins, you can drink a course of herbal laxatives. They act gently, so they can be used even with normal stools. These are ” Regulax “, ” Guttalax “, ” Tranzipeg “, ” Normaze ” and others.

Help to quickly remove toxins adsorbents. Activated charcoal should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, 15-20 minutes before meals, before crushing two tablets and drinking plenty of water. You can take ” Polifepan “, ” Enterosgel ” according to the instructions for them. The period of taking adsorbents is not less than a month.

In folk medicine, there are many remedies for cleaning the digestive organs. But it is strictly forbidden to use the most popular – cleaning with oil and lemon juice. Adherents of such a “cleansing” of the body after smoking will never say how many people who dared to “cleanse themselves” by this method on their own end up on the tables of surgeons and resuscitators. A lot of complications are possible: from perforation of an ulcer (which the person did not know about before) to vascular collapse with a possible fatal outcome.

better to use tubages – medical procedures for cleaning the biliary tract. However, they can only be used after consulting a doctor, since it is necessary to make sure that there are no stones in the biliary tract. For tubage , it is necessary to drink mineral water without gas or a decoction of choleretic herb at room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach. The minimum volume of liquid is 250 ml. Then lie on your right side, placing a heating pad under the liver area, and under the heating pad – a roller from a medium-sized towel. Tubage time – 1.5 hours. Regularity – 1 – 2 times a week with a break between procedures of at least 5 days. After tubage, avoid sudden movements, and food on this day should not be choleretic (without excess oil, coffee, sweets).

In order to help the digestive tract to quickly cope with the consequences of smoking, it is better to take mucous decoctions that can be alternated. This is a decoction of oats, rice, potato starch, flaxseed. Decoctions are taken warm, on an empty stomach or 1.5-2 hours after a meal, without drinking. The broth can be salted or sweetened, add berry juice or jam, honey, syrup. If constipation is noted after taking them, then before drinking the broth, you can drink a glass or ¾ cup of cold boiled water.

Cleansing the kidneys and urinary system

In fact, the kidneys and urinary tract are the least affected by smoking. However, since the kidneys have an important task of removing toxins, you can help them perform this task perfectly and combine it with cleaning the lungs and the whole body after smoking.

Cleansing the body after smoking

First of all, you need to avoid hypothermia of the pelvic organs. It is also not recommended to forcibly delay urination – a weakened body, especially in the process of quitting smoking, does not resist infections well, and periodic stagnation of urine can cause cystitis and infectious diseases of the urinary tract due to the development of microbial colonies. For the same reason, constipation should be avoided, which contribute to congestion in the pelvic organs. Do not wear tight underwear, as well as underwear made of synthetic fabrics. Intimate hygiene must be carefully observed.

Medicines that can help the urinary system are vitamins. Vitamin A, rutin improve their function. But an excess of vitamin D is dangerous for the kidneys, just like an excess of ascorbic acid – vitamin C.

From traditional medicine, mucous decoctions work well, which were described in the section on cleansing the gastrointestinal tract. They are taken according to the same scheme, the duration of admission is at least 2 months. Decoctions and fruit drinks from lingonberries, cranberries will not only help cleanse the tissues of the kidneys, but also contribute to their restoration. It is best to prepare a “raw” fruit drink from frozen berries: a tablespoon of berries is kneaded with a teaspoon of sugar or honey, poured with hot water, infused warmly for 10-15 minutes and drunk.

Skin cleaning

This issue is especially relevant for women who have quit smoking. If the internal organs quickly cope with the consequences of smoking, and the cleaning of the lungs and the whole body after smoking is carried out quite intensively, then the skin has to be tight. Firstly, the reparative capabilities of the skin are lower than those of other organs and systems. Secondly, the skin fights not only with those toxins that come from the inside, but also with adverse environmental factors.

Cleansing the body after smoking

In order to help skin cells renew themselves, there are certain steps that can be taken for both men and women, which should start with … drinking enough water – at least 1.5 liters per day. Water will not only help to quickly remove toxins, but also maintain skin tone. It is very good to add a little lemon, orange or apple juice, chamomile decoction, rosehip syrup to the water for drinking.

Peeling will help stimulate the formation of new cells. You can use ready-made peeling products or masks, or you can use fruit masks – apples, pears, peaches or apricots. In addition to peeling with natural fruit acids, the skin will receive nutrients at the same time.

Of the medical preparations, vitamin A is recommended orally, as well as creams with it. Massages and professional programs can only be carried out in salons, by the hands of an experienced master. The skin of smokers loses its elasticity, and therefore self-carried out massage procedures can only worsen its condition.

To restore the skin of the face, traditional healers advise using decoctions of medicinal plants for washing: chamomile, parsley, rose hips, hops, calendula.

Since it’s not just the facial skin that suffers in smokers, these same herbs can be used as a bath or rinse after a shower. In a filled bath you need at least 2 liters of herbal decoction, and for rinsing – 1 liter of decoction per 10 liters of water.

Hair and nails – derivatives of the skin – also need help. For hair affected by smoking, it is good to use oily masks: from egg yolk, vegetable oil (olive, corn, linseed, castor oil). But fruit acids and shampoos with them will only weaken the hair.

Smoker’s yellowed nails can be bleached with lemon juice or parsley root juice by dipping the nails in the juice for 15-20 minutes. Then, without wiping, let the nails dry and apply a nourishing cream. Repeat the procedure no more than once every 4 days.

Yes, the human body can survive a lot. And one can only be glad that nature has given us such a margin of safety. But it is better not to test your body, and if you happen to become addicted to dangerous habits, then you need to give them up as soon as possible and make every effort to help the body quickly forget this dangerous period in all respects. Cleansing the lungs and the whole body after smoking with the use of pharmacy and folk remedies will help you recover faster, significantly reducing the risk of developing serious diseases.

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