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Smoking and pregnancy – what can be the reasons for quitting smoking

We have already sorted out some of the reasons for starting smoking in women . And you were not interested in why smokers want to quit smoking. They want to, but they can not always do it. In women its causes. How do you think, which of them stands on the first place? If you think that concern for health, are mistaken. The most common reason (26.9%) is the negative attitude of men towards smoking among women.                      

So girls, if you start smoking in order to get the attention of men, then you will make a big mistake. The majority of men are categorically against their future wives to smoke (90%), and only 10% answered that they did not care. Girls, draw the appropriate conclusions. In second place (21%) is the reason for the deterioration of health. Already everyone knows what harm smoking can bring to the human body, and in particular on women (infertility, cancer of the uterus, ovaries). The third reason (19.8%) is the desire not to get sick, the fourth is pregnancy (10.9%). Women are well aware of the results that smoking during pregnancy can bring and the effect on the fetus. Surely every married couple wants their baby to be born healthy and beautiful. Fifth place (9.2%) is a bad example for children. Any parent who smokes is unlikely to want to see their child with a cigarette in their mouth. But the main reason for the start of smoking in children and adolescents is the example of parents, especially mothers. The following reasons share the sixth place – the economic aspect and advice from family and friends to quit smoking (4.3% each ). 2.3% of people believe that smoking pollutes the environment. A strange reason, but the main thing is to act. And the last place is shared by “advice of health workers” and “other reasons”. It turns out that in our country they still listen to the opinion of doctors , although not much. Everyone believes that this it is not affected. Alas, this is the mentality we Russians have.   

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