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Smoking while dieting

There is a question: Is it possible to smoke with a diet? It is tantamount to a dilemma: Is it possible to pile garbage in the center of a cleaned apartment? “Of course not!” you say, getting rid of the garbage. Indeed, what’s the point of cleaning and immediately dirtying?

However, there is an opinion that in order to lose weight, you need to smoke. Over time, smoking turns into a harmful addiction, and the body only gains weight, approaching obesity.

It is necessary to be treated for smoking and excess weight consistently and according to the rules. It is unacceptable to find a substitute for a cigarette in sweet and frequent meals, just as one cannot smoke and starve at the same time.

When planning a diet, use various ways to distract from smoking. You can chew gum, chew on seeds, drink water, take a bath or take a walk outside. At the same time – no sports loads and relay races for nicotine addicts ! It’s better to dance a little.

How bad is it to smoke while on a diet?

The first step is to get rid of nicotine addiction. Quitting smoking and dieting at the same time is a double burden on the nervous system. Stress “outweighs” the scales, on the opposite side of which is health. An irritated person is “cramped” within the framework in which he restrains himself. The joyless word “no” does not allow you to relax. Irritability provokes problems in the family and at work.

A breakdown is dangerous not only by returning to a cigarette, but also to a plate of cake. Goodbye diet! Positive emotions create a powerful pleasure reflex. Next time, psychotherapists will be needed to enter the target (no smoking, no overeating).

Weight loss tips for quitting smokers

According to the Dukan method , you need to achieve weight loss only after getting rid of the habit of smoking. After all, refusal requires compensation for taste sensations in the oral cavity and encourages the smoker to put something tasty and high-calorie into his mouth. Be patient for at least a few months without nicotine. When the metabolism returns to normal, weight control will be easier.

A clear diet plan that helps to cope with snacking and achieve weight loss was proposed by I. Mammadov . First you need to give up cigarettes, and then “liberate” the body: clean the intestines with flaxseed and oil, expel parasites from the liver, cleanse the lungs with badger fat, washing it down with a decoction of St. John’s wort and rose hips.

An important part of weight loss programs is exercise. A rigid Japanese diet involves an accompanying gentle exercise regimen, because the restructuring of the working rhythm can deplete the body. In case of anemia, hypertension and other diseases, physical activity should be controlled by a doctor. Where can you smoke?

Smoking syndrome will help overcome decoctions of oat and buckwheat -wheat bran (50 ml up to 8 times a day before the main meal), buckwheat and oatmeal. For weight loss, you can drink 1 glass of potato juice in the morning, drink sweet fennel infusion instead of tea or a strong infusion of dandelion leaves 2 times a day.

Eggplants, in which there is a meager dose of nicotinic acid, will help reduce withdrawal symptoms; relieve irritability – foods with vitamin B6 (beans, whole grain bread); remove toxins faster – watery vegetables, celery, parsley, etc. greens.

What is the main danger of tobacco smoke during a diet?

Many believe that smoking helps to maintain a slim figure. But in reality the process is reversed.

According to studies, when smoking 10 cigarettes a day, almost 2 kg of ash residues settle in the body in 2 years, 4 kg in 10 years, and 6 kg in 20 years. They clog muscles, nerves, blood vessels, cell membranes, which leads to metabolic disorders and obesity.

The diet can take a short time. For example, the Japanese one lasts only 13 days. Someone will say that obesity will not have time to overtake. But doctors are unanimous: “Smoking is contraindicated. Diet is a way of recovery, not exhaustion.

Tobacco smoke destroys vitamins in the body, such as ascorbic acid. One cigarette takes as much of it as there is in a whole orange. Irritating acids and ammonia impair taste and smell. Carcinogenic benzapyrene and radioactive polonium, along with smoke, penetrate and kill the esophagus, stomach, and liver.

Dangerous processes at the physical level

Why is smoking dangerous while dieting? One cigarette on an empty stomach is poison. Nicotine and other hazardous substances dissolve in saliva and enter the gastric mucosa with it. The motor activity of its walls, the secretion of gastric juice increases. People say that an empty stomach “eats itself”. Smoking during a diet threatens with chronic gastritis even for smokers with little experience. Increased acidity contributes to peptic ulcer disease, slows the healing of ulcers and provokes bleeding in those who smoke for a long time.

To find out the cause of weight gain and choose the right diet, you should consult a doctor. After all, smoking during a diet can coincide with a period of hormonal changes in the body. As a result, instead of the expected slender figure, a woman becomes very stout. In addition, smoking negates the intake of certain medications.

Dangerous processes at the psychological level

Negative factors should be eliminated in stages. In the process of quitting smoking, a diet is not needed. Many simultaneous prohibitions create stress and contribute to the opposite end result.

A restricted diet negatively affects brain chemistry and provokes depression. Depression draws you into the realm of tobacco. Therefore, the first 3 months of getting rid of smoking, a normal diet and ingrained eating habits are recommended. After 3 months, it will be possible to actively engage in physical education, which helps to hone the figure.

Doctors say that smoking and alcohol during the diet are strictly contraindicated. This makes a person weaker and undermines the psychological attitude to improve the body.

You need to quit smoking before you “sit down” on a diet. If you smoke and starve at the same time, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, severe coughing, and constipation will appear. Discomfort and the habit of resorting to cigarettes under stress will make you smoke again and even more.

Therefore, first you need to achieve the right frame of mind, to give up harmful attraction. Psychological dependence can be overcome in 2 weeks, or in a few months. As practice shows, self-hypnosis gives a good effect. After 2 days, the desire to smoke disappears, along with it, the feeling of weakness, headache and dizziness, and depressed mood disappear. Without succumbing to the temptation to smoke, you can start a diet without destroying, but cleansing your body from the inside.

Increased appetite and cravings for sweets will disappear within 3 weeks to 3 months. after quitting cigarettes. During this period, it is necessary to control the weight, for example, according to Broca’s formula (ideal weight (kg) \u003d height in cm minus 100).

A useful thing is a food diary. If you write down what and when you eat, it’s easy to compare food calories before and after quitting tobacco.

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