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Effects of smoking on women

A woman with a cigarette … You can also see her in everyday life – at a bus stop, in the courtyard of a house, on the porch of a store – an ordinary woman with an ordinary cigarette; and in a restaurant, when a woman is dressed in a chic dress, evening makeup is on her face, and she elegantly holds a long thin cigarette with delicate manicured fingers; and on the cinema screen, where the mysterious image of a mysterious stranger is surrounded by romantic clouds of tobacco smoke …

Someone thinks the image of a smoking woman is sexy, erotic, attractive. In pursuit of this image, very young girls take up a cigarette, and by the time they begin to understand that they have not added any beauty and attractiveness to themselves by smoking, but quite the contrary, they notice that they have already received a serious nicotine addiction.

The effect of smoking on the female body

What is the effect of smoking on the female body? Smoking alone cannot have a good effect on health, be it a man or a woman. However, a woman receives more harm to her health due to a reduced lung volume and accelerated metabolic processes.


A woman’s appearance is what suffers from smoking in the first place. Under the influence of nicotine, teeth turn yellow, deteriorate, and decay. A harsh chronic cough appears, a habit of spitting is acquired. The voice becomes rough, hoarse and low. The skin becomes thinner, the face, hands and neck are early covered with wrinkles. Hair loses its beauty and shine, acquires a lifeless appearance and fragility, often early gray hair. A sad fate befalls the nails, which change color, lose strength. Bad breath, from the body, from hair and clothing accompanies a woman who smokes. A smoker always looks older than her peers.

More general harm

However, the negative effects of smoking are not limited to looks. Women’s health suffers tremendous harm from tobacco intoxication. All systems and organs of the body are affected. The first “blow” falls on the respiratory system – the lungs and bronchi are polluted. The cardiovascular system also does not stand aside – under the influence of oxygen starvation, the heart and blood vessels have to work in an enhanced mode, which leads to wear and tear of organs.

Tobacco smoke and combustion products have a very negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Against the background of the destruction of the gastric mucosa, ulcers, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases are common.

Do not forget that a woman who smokes has a much higher risk of “earning” lung cancer than a man who smokes. Women who smoke also have an increased risk of other cancers, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, or breast cancer. In addition to oncology, smoking can also provoke other serious gynecological diseases.

The hormonal background, disturbed by smoking, negatively affects the reproductive functions of a woman. The menstrual cycle is disrupted, a severe premenstrual syndrome appears, and the possibility of egg fertilization decreases. Under the influence of deficiencies or excess of various hormones, the work of the central nervous system and the brain is disrupted , fatigue, irritability, rapid fatigue appear, and sleep is disturbed. It is not uncommon for even the character of a smoker to change dramatically.

Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking and pregnancy are incompatible things. Unfortunately, very often a pregnant woman who is addicted to nicotine simply forgets that a small fragile life develops inside her, which suffers from toxins many times stronger than an adult. Some mothers-to-be simply dismiss the advice to quit smoking, believing that they are not doing anything very terrible and harmful.

How great is the harm of smoking during pregnancy? It’s not just big, it’s colossal. The fetus in the womb develops under the constant influence of poisons and toxins, under conditions of severe oxygen starvation. The nervous system, respiratory organs and other functions of a small organism are formed in stressful situations, which can lead to congenital anomalies of the child, to serious diseases of the cardiovascular system. Kidneys, liver, intestines – any organ can be hit.

Babies born to smokers have weak immunity, develop more slowly than their peers, and constantly suffer from infectious and colds. Their birth weight is lower than that of other children, their lungs are not always developed in time. Such children are more susceptible to sudden infant death syndrome.

Oxygen starvation of the fetal brain increases the likelihood of having a baby with mental disabilities or serious medical conditions such as autism. Children of mothers who smoke are often restless, inattentive, impulsive, lagging behind in mental development.

Smoking while breastfeeding

With breast milk, both necessary and useful and harmful toxic substances enter the mother’s body. Breastfeeding is the second umbilical cord between mother and baby.

Smoking while breastfeeding is harmful for both mom and baby. Under the influence of toxic substances, lactation decreases, the amount of milk decreases, the baby is not gaining weight well. Due to smoking, milk lacks the required amount of minerals and nutrients, but there is an excess of poisons and toxins that directly enter the body of the crumbs.

Smoking while breastfeeding causes the same damage to a small body as it does during pregnancy. Even one or two cigarettes a day can cause tremendous harm to a child. Developmental delays, frequent colds, poor school performance are just some of the possible consequences.

Do not forget that with breastfeeding, a child from infancy becomes addicted to nicotine, in the future this can provoke an early start to smoking – in childhood or adolescence.

Women’s health is very fragile, the health of a child is even more fragile. A woman should think about the fact that she is responsible not only for herself, but also for the small life that she endured and brought into the world. Therefore, the best advice to a girl, a girl, a woman is never to start smoking. If a woman is already addicted to tobacco, then the most correct thing would be to ask for the addiction and forget about the cigarette.

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