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From: Tony Normand

A quiet evening. You just finished the day’s work and you are now browsing the web. The gestures are smooth as you have done them countless times before. You reach for the pack of cigs, take one out and light it. The first smoke fills you with a sense of serenity. You don’t even think about it, you simply enjoy it. Sounds familiar?

What if I told you that you will never live again through the experience I presented above? What’s your first reaction? Rejection? Shock? Bitter amusement?

A cigarette is not the end of the world right? You can quit anytime you want after all, right? Unfortunately the answer is NO. You can’t quit smoking in this very instance, nor can you imagine your life without cigarettes.

What if I told you that you should be feeling hope?

Yes, you heard right, hope. You have heard it so many times. Smoking is bad for you. It’s the mantra everyone keeps on pushing down your throat. What everyone fails to remember is that smoking is addictive.

When you take that first puff from that cigarette, countless little mechanisms fall into place: the nicotine kicks in, endorphins are released and you are actually becoming high. It sounds surreal at this point, doesn’t it? Cigarettes can’t be drugs, can they? Unfortunately they are and they are of the insidious type. If you don’t believe me, try the following experiment: try to stop smoking for 8 straight hours during the day. You will soon become anxious, you will start sweating and you will physically feel ill. That’s what withdrawal symptoms from a drug feel like. But again, you can be hopeful. Because there is a way out.

As you might have guessed by now, I am a former smoker. I’ve quit smoking about 3 years ago and never looked back. I will show you how to stop and you will finally see the big picture, learn where the soft spot is, push it and break free. Allow me to introduce “Stop Smoking Guru”, the e-book that will change your life.

A skeptic eyebrow should be raised just about now. Here’s another guy that wants to sell his life’s story which might just prove helpful to me and worse still he puts that lame guru title in front of his name. Not quite. When I gave up smoking I had an advantage, the sort of advantage I wouldn’t wish anyone to have. That year, my father died of lung cancer. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Lung cancer is one of the most gruesome ways of passing away. For me it acted like a shock, a shock that made me quit smoking instantly. I’ve never touched a cigarette ever since.

You however have probably never had to undergo such experiences and I honestly hope that you never will. For me however, simply quitting was not enough. The impact that smoking has on your health is higher than you can imagine. I began a one man crusade to stop this plague.

There will be a fight my friend, a fight that will take place inside yourself, a fight you must win.

I have spent the last 3 years researching smoking and how to effectively stop it. This is the knowledge that will help you break free. As for the guru part… well, let me put it this way: you will either stop smoking or you won’t, I on the other hand can measure the success of the e-book based on how many of its readers actually manage to quit smoking. That gives me a better nuanced manner of assessing of how much good this e-book can do to you. The good part is that your odds are good, real good. Good enough to make me worthy of being considered a guru. The guru that will simply make you quit. This is the difference that has put me ahead of the pack. I can show you how to quit permanently. Not try, but actually do it.

But what does this e-book exactly contain? Fair question.

You will become aware of what nicotine addiction really is
and you will gain a deeper insight about yourself

You will learn how to change the environment around you
so you will have better chances of succeeding in your quest.

You will learn how to make a plan, stick to it and make it work. The lack of a plan is likely accountable for almost 90%
of the failed attempts to quit smoking.

You will learn that your friends and relatives can actually help once you decide to go forward

You will learn to see the inner demons from your unconscious nicotine addicted mind and how to defeat them.

You will benefit from the most thorough and comprehensive list of tips to make your journey easier.

You will ultimately learn how to put yourself back in charge.

You will see with crystal clear clarity the steps you have to take.

You will know with certainty what to do when the smoking drive seems unstoppable.

You will obtain a cohesive quitting and post quitting strategy
so you will never go back.

You will learn how to deal with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

You will learn how to become proactive and cut your drive towards smoking from its roots.

On top of the sensible advice you will receive, you will also benefit from a comprehensive list of additional resources easily accessible through the internet.

You will be able to buy the very last book to teach how to quit smoking, because this one is going to make the difference.

This is the path that you must take. See yourself as you are now and than imagine yourself free. If you want this vision to become reality click here to order now.

Here is what some of the readers have to share with you:

Reading "Stop Smoking Guru" reminded me of the many attempts & failures I had before I finally quit smoking. It wasn't until I experienced what is taught in this book that I had the personal desire, fortitude and stamina to quit.

If you want to quit smoking yourself or know someone who does this is the book to read. Reading this book will save a smoker plenty of health hassles and a lot of dollars.

Reg Rygus,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I began smoking in college, because it was cool, I continued to smoke because cigarettes relaxed me and 15 years later I found myself coughing worse than a dying man in a cheesy soap opera.
“Stop Smoking Guru” made the difference for me. I’m jogging 7 miles per day now and when I’m done I actually feel good. The cough has also disappeared. I can try to tell you how good a life without smoking is, but until you actually do it you won’t know.
Adam Bidwell, Austin, Texas, United States

Since the crusade against smoking in pubs went into full effect, smoking in England lost its charm. Not its bite though. I tried quitting on my own without much success.

Now with “Stop Smoking Guru” I’ve gone cold turkey for 3 months and still counting. I’m keeping my fingers, legs and some other body parts you wouldn’t want to think of crossed that this time I’ll make it.  

Ian Robertson, Swansea, England

I Thought Quitting Smoking Was Difficult! I was tired of trying and failing to quit smoking by using bogus pills, sprays, gum and patches. But your ebook is different. I used to smoke 20-30 cigarettes a day, but after trying the techniques explained in your ebook, my home is now no-smoking-zone. Thanks mate, I think you wrote the ebook for me. Thanks for changing my life.

Pankaj Dubey, New Delhi, India

As a smoker wanting to quit, I have gone through various ebooks on how to quit smoking but have failed each time I tried to apply.

However, this guide "Stop Smoking Guru" is different and very comprehensive. By highlighting the negative effects of smoking in a unique way backed by data to prove, the determination and the will to quit smoking is intensely generated and the follow up plan is very efficiently laid out...all the ingredients to allow one to successfully quit smoking.

Thanks for such a good guide, indeed!

Jayaswal, Darjeeling, India

But this is not the end of it. There is so much more to this e-book. One thing that struck when I read the literature dedicated to quitting smoking was the overall tone. I don’t know who keeps writing books like those, but they are almost insulting. They tend to think of smokers as some sort of subhuman pile of dung.

I mean really, cigarettes are the problem, not the smokers. When I smoked, I used to hate those infatuated grins of people looking down on me like they were better than me. This is not what you will get here. There are plenty of bad habits in this world and smoking in my humble opinion is one of the least offending ones. You are doing damage to your lungs, but your brain is still intact. As a matter of fact some of the most intelligent conversations I ever made, were done while smoking casually in a club. Yes, there was a time when smoking was allowed in there. But that’s a different problem. You are reading this, because you want to quit smoking. And you will be treated with the consideration reserved for intelligent people, without any sense of superiority and without blaming you every two or three pages. That’s a promise.

Now as you might have guessed by now, this e-book doesn’t come for free. I invested too much effort and time to simply give it away. The price however is more than reasonable.

You can purchase now “Stop Smoking Guru” for only 19.95 dollars

That’s a good deal and you know it. With an average price of 3 bucks a pack this amounts to roughly 7 packs. On average the amount of money a smoker spends weekly. I’m sure that you see the rationale behind it. You must commit to this change mentally and putting your money where your mouth is, delivers one of the best ways to start.

However, this is not all. Just to make this offer more worthwhile and meaningful here’s a bonus for you:

Bonus: "How to  be happy and improve quality of life" report (A $97 Value)

Along with “Stop Smoking Guru” you will also receive  a copy of the heavily inspiring "How to be happy and improve quality of life".

Why this additional perk?

Well quite simply because smoking is only a part of the problem and once you manage to quit you will have a universe of opportunities ahead of you. Opportunities that you must take. This step in your life will have far reaching consequences which you must deal with, so at the end of the day you will feel a better man.

This e-book will show you what to do in order to make out the most of your newfound freedom. It might sound a bit farfetched now, but once you go to the other side you will feel on your own skin how social mechanisms can finally work in your favor.

However things are a bit in a hurry. I will only sell 500 254 copies of this e-book.


Because the “I’ll do it tomorrow” type of thinking never leads anywhere so you must act now. You will make the “Act now” phrase a mantra because that’s the crux that will help you and that’s what makes this e-book the last e-book on this topic you will ever buy.

Of course you may probably still feel reluctance. It’s the frigging internet after all. That’s why I’m making a statement and a guarantee.

My 60 Days Unconditional 100% Money-Back  Guarantee

If for any reasons, during the first 60 of days after you purchased the e-book you feel that you received the wrong end of the bargain you can ask for a refund and you will get it. Hassle free. No questions asked. Honestly.

So this is it. You either make it or break it. There’s no middle ground. You either start your way to a nicotine free world now or you remain trapped. I’ve laid an option in front of you. It’s up to you to make the first step.

Yes! I’m tired of the “I’ll do it tomorrow” type of thinking and I want to order “Stop Smoking Guru” right now. I am aware that my purchase is backed by  a 60 days refund guarantee and that this e-book will change my life. I am also aware that I will receive a copy of "How to  be happy and improve quality of life" which will teach me how to best use my newfound freedom.

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Hoping that I’ll see you on the other side.

Yours truly,
Tony Normand

P.S. Quitting smoking has some additional perks. My health insurance cost dropped sharply after I’ve quit. 

P.P.S. There is a social world outside of smokers. I know it sounds hard to believe right now, but it actually is. And by the way, coffee will taste better.

P.P.P.S. If you do make it and manage to quit, please don’t look down on other smokers and also please don’t be preachy. If you really want to help, stick to giving them practical advice and let them make their own choice. If they don’t want to quit, they never will. 

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