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Mental and physical abnormalities in newborns

Every parent wants to see their child healthy and happy. But it happens that smoking can ruin the life of not only you, but also your precious child. This addiction can lead to mental disorders and physical defects.

Congenital defects of fingers

In the USA, among 6.8 million babies born in 2001-2002, 5171 children were born with defects in the fingers of the extremities. These can be fused fingers or their absence on the hands or feet at all, the presence of extra fingers.

The researchers concluded that smoking during pregnancy, even in small amounts, leads to an increased possibility of toe deformity in newborns. For example, those who smoked from 1 to 10 cigarettes per day increased the risk of having a child with such abnormalities by 29%, from 11 to 20 cigarettes – by 38%, more than 20 cigarettes – by 78%.

The statistics of such cases are as follows:

  1. Webbed and fused fingers (syndactyly) – 1 out of 2-2.5 thousand newborns.
  2. Extra fingers (polydactyly) – 1 out of 600 thousand.

The cases of fused fingers are 2 times more common in children of white Americans, children with extra fingers are 10 times more likely to be born to black parents.

Cleft palate, cleft lip, cleft face

Thanks to the research of the English professor Peter Mossy , it was proved that during the formation of the palate (6-8 weeks of pregnancy), smoking can lead to deviations in the formation. As a result, there are children with a “cleft palate” or “cleft lip”.

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