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Smoking and contraceptives

In the modern world, the use of hormonal contraception by women is widespread, which is used not only to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also is a medicine that can correct hormonal failure and solve many gynecological problems.

Many women themselves “prescribe” pills for themselves without consulting a doctor, and sometimes, when choosing a medicine together with the attending doctor, they simply do not talk about the fact that they smoke.

Hormonal contraceptives are of two types: combined, which contain estrogens and gestogens , and progestin , containing only gestagens. Estrogens are found in all combined preparations, and these can be not only tablets, but also patches, vaginal rings, spirals and injections. The combination of smoking and estrogen -containing drugs is highly undesirable .

The effect of smoking and estrogens on the female body

Under the influence of nicotine, the production of adrenaline increases, vasoconstriction occurs.

Carbon monoxide contained in tobacco smoke causes tissue hypoxia, increasing the heart rate.

Nicotine increases blood viscosity, which can lead to blood clots.

Smoking contributes to the development of cancer of the uterus and breast.

In women taking combined contraceptives with a high dose of estrogen, the risk of developing heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis is increased. In a low dosage, estrogens, on the contrary, protect the female body from the occurrence of these diseases.

An excess of estrogen can lead to estrogen -dependent forms of malignant tumors in the female genital organs.

The combination of estrogens and cigarettes

smoke and take combined birth control pills are twice as likely to develop breast cancer and heart disease than non-smokers. It is worth noting that even passive smoking can play a negative role.

estrogen -containing drugs are 10 times more likely to have vein thrombosis than women who do not smoke.

The older the woman, the more cigarettes smoked daily, the higher the likelihood of “earning” a heart attack. The risk of stroke is high in women who smoke after the age of 35. And of course 40. Taking contraceptives is categorically contraindicated for a smoking woman over 35 years old, since there is a high risk of thrombosis.

Precautionary measures

It should be remembered that in no case should you choose hormonal contraceptives on your own. Only a doctor, having studied concomitant diseases, the degree of risks and other factors, can correctly select the drug. The pills that suit your friend may not only be useless for you, but also dangerous.

If hormonal contraceptives are used to treat gynecological diseases, you should be more attentive to your health, since these drugs contain a high dose of estrogens, and the risk of side effects in women who smoke is increased many times.

If a woman does not give up smoking and takes estrogen -containing drugs, she should check her blood for clotting annually, drink plenty of fluids, eat foods that help thin the blood, and maintain physical activity. But still, the best way to avoid the detrimental effects on health is to completely stop smoking.

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