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Smoking during pregnancy – how to force yourself to quit

Each of us is going to become a mother, regardless of the order in which position it is in at the moment. But not everyone is ready. Alas, we must honestly admit: not everything turns out as written . And if the pregnancy is unplanned? Then it is more difficult to change many times over. The rules, which will be discussed below, have been gained through experience. Try to master them – it’s easy!                 

To begin with , the title of the article is fundamentally wrong. This is one of the most common initial smoking cessation mistakes. Forcing yourself is useless. By Unfortunately, re adult, the current identity is almost impossible. How could we not trying to start a new life, forcing himself to run in the morning, be indulgent to the dirty socks, wash the floor every three days to wash off makeup before going to bed or put on a one spoonful of sugar less – often this desire so , and remains at the level of individual attempts.                   

So, rule number 1: forget about what you are forcing yourself.    

Yes, convince yourself that you is – is necessary. The correct psychological approach can radically change our attitude towards something. Look at the problem from a different angle: I do not force myself, I give myself a chance to try! I get the opportunity to live more fully! Make for yourself a list of benefits that you get if you throw. Read this list carefully (I think it will be rather big), and yet again, and yet … Think. Imagine that you get a chance to relax, say, a couple of days the resort, Are you they are not using? Even if before that you have to do not very pleasant things: pack your bags, and attach your beloved asshole cat in the neighbors?                             

Rule # 2. You don’t smoke – for yourself!    

It must be admitted that every person loves himself first of all. Just do not have to tear your chest shirt, kissing the cross and splutter, claiming that you are the most that any on there altruist. No, first you are an egoist, and only then everything else. That is why the message “to quit for the sake of someone” is doomed to failure in advance . Alas, even if that someone is your own child. For comparison, try to answer honestly, ready whether you quit for a new job (not for nothing that many so- and hide for years in the office toilets)?                       

For the sake of my husband (and I know dozens of families where the husband does not smoke, and because of this there are constant family scandals)? For my mother’s sake (what conflicts happen when your parents caught you at the crime scene, do I need to remind you?) … The correct answer is no, no, and no. So why does society require us to immediately change for the sake of a person whom we , in fact, do not know yet? Understand that your act is solely for your own benefit (re-read the list from point # 1). And now is just the right time for that. Why and not now?                           

Just a chronology and related Rule number 3.    

Rule number 3. I don’t smoke – here and now.    

You should not set yourself a “throwing date”: from Monday, New Year, after your mother’s birthday … By doing this, you only beg yourself a reprieve, eventually turning it into a permanent one. Simply – don’t smoke and that’s it.        

Rule # 4. No rituals. 

Dramatic scenes of parting with a habit, pretentious tearing of packs and breaking cigarettes – leave all these theatrical effects to provincial actresses. True strong-willed characters do not smoke, having a whole pack at home. And such actions usually lead to the fact that you rush at a gallop to the nearest stall for a new one instead of the one who was abused.           

Rule # 5. Get into a guilt complex. 

Psychologists are unlikely to approve of this point . But it really works! Understand that you will then constantly blame yourself for your weaknesses . You will never be able to be completely honest with your baby again. Remind yourself constantly that smoking is bad for him. Imagine him choking in the womb. Give yourself a nausea attack, finally!                 

Rule # 6. Keep your eyes on me.   

We are certainly not going to doubt your hardness:) But on the safe side, put yourself in an environment in which smoking is not possible. For example, this is the best time to finally stay with the mother- in- law for a month or two. Firstly, you will be deliciously fed and cared for in every possible way, and secondly, you simply will not have a chance to break loose. Or come up with a reason to go to the hospital for conservation.                  

Rule # 7. The most important thing. Not smoking is much easier than smoking!   

That’s right – it’s very easy not to smoke! In this there is nothing difficult. Nothing at all. It’s just scary to start. Consoles himself with the fact that after a month, you even do not think about their current anguish. And yet every damn time you want to smoke, repeat the mantra: “Yes, I do not smoke, and it is – nonsense! It’s very simple! ” By the way, you will grow up in the eyes of others when they see how easily you dealt with the monster that they themselves are afraid to shake: the fear of quitting smoking.                        

Rule # 8. Feel free to benefit from this as well .    

At the same time, you can cut coupons, bothering your husband with your unparalleled courage: “Here I am ! And you didn’t believe me ! ” Let him penetrate and give you something pleasant as a sign of this 🙂 For example, a new book by Dontsova. Well, or at worst, a Lamborghini Diablo . At least a tuft of wool from a black sheep 🙂              

Good luck to you! Believe me, this is far from the biggest sacrifice offered on the altar of a Child. This is the smallest!    

PS After reading this article, it may seem to many that the author did not smoke seriously, since he speaks so easily about it. I will disappoint the skeptics if there are any: I had 10 years of smoking experience at the time of pregnancy . For one and a half packs a day. I smoked with a sore throat, and with migraines, and after sex, and instead. For two years I woke up at 5 in the morning from terrible bouts of coughing. I tried to quit using acupuncture, smoking coding, hypnosis, a magnetic bracelet, pills, tinctures and patches – the maximum result was a month. Having learned about the pregnancy (unexpected!), I quit three days later. Easily! And you can do it !

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