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The effect of smoking on pregnancy

According to statistics, about 17% of beautiful ladies do not deny themselves the pleasure of smoking a cigarette or two. At the same time, many do not mind getting rid of this addiction at all, and pregnancy is an excellent opportunity to carry out the plan. Why is the issue of smoking so acute when a woman is just beginning to think about motherhood? Well, first of all, problems can start as early as the conception phase, especially in couples in which both partners smoke.

It is known that a decrease in reproductive function in women under the influence of nicotine occurs due to a violation of the production of hormones necessary for the development of pregnancy. Also, in women who smoke, the transport of a fertilized egg through the fallopian tubes to the uterus is slowed down. As for men, men who smoke have 15% less sperm than non-smokers. However, smoking not only reduces the amount of sperm produced, but also reduces the motor ability of spermatozoa, and also leads to a change in their shape, not to mention the possible problems with potency that occur in heavy smokers when the vessels responsible for the blood supply to the genital organs are damaged.

In women who smoke in the early stages of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage increases, and in later periods – the risk of premature placental abruption. The child, being in the womb, receives everything he needs from his mother. Nutrients and oxygen are supplied through the placenta and umbilical cord. Smoking contributes to the penetration of the toxins contained in tobacco smoke to the child, and also disrupts the normal functioning of the placenta. When smoking, part of the oxygen in the blood is replaced by carbon monoxide. If a pregnant woman smokes, her blood, and therefore the blood of her baby, contains less oxygen than is necessary. This can even lead to an increase in the fetal heart rate, as the child suffers from a lack of oxygen. What other problems can arise in children whose mothers continued to smoke during pregnancy?

There is a possibility that such children can be born prematurely, while their weight is on average 200 g less than those born to non-smoking mothers. They get sick more often. Children whose mothers smoked 15 or more cigarettes during pregnancy are twice as likely to be hospitalized during the first nine months of life. These children have a higher risk of developing asthmatic bronchitis, reduced lung function at birth. The risk of developing sudden infant death syndrome doubles, and there is a direct relationship between this syndrome and parental smoking. And, of course, there is a high probability that in the future they will join the army of smokers.

Dear mothers, remember that the life of an unborn person completely depends on you, and pregnancy is a really strong incentive to make a choice in favor of your Baby ….

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