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Cough from cigarettes, how to get rid of it

Tobacco smoke in its arsenal has approximately 10 thousand different substances that adversely affect human health. There are also frank poisons in the composition, there are approximately 200 of them. It is not surprising that a smoker develops a cough from cigarettes after some time, after daily use of harmful “sticks”.

It is important. All tips listed in this article should be used only after consulting a doctor!

The main causes of smoker’s cough

There is a morning cough due to irritation of the bronchial mucosa, when inhaled cigarette smoke. At the same time, the resins that are present in the cigarette cover the inner lining of the bronchiole, and this is already a significant reason to talk about the disruption of the ciliated epithelium.

During normal functioning, the cilia eject harmful components from the bronchi, thus clearing the lungs. The constant accumulation of resins inhibits the work of the epithelium, which leads to the accumulation of harmful substances. As a result, the work of the entire respiratory system worsens.

Such a picture can lead to the occurrence of not only cough, but also to the inflammatory process, to various pathologies. In addition, due to the inhibition of the work of the ciliated epithelium, a person becomes susceptible to various infectious and viral diseases.

List of smoker’s cough symptoms

Smoking is harmful! This is understandable to everyone, but still a strong cough from cigarettes torments almost every third person on the planet. The rest of humanity is forced to inhale cigarette smoke regardless of their desire. In this case, we should talk about a passive smoker. Therefore, the symptoms of cigarette cough can also occur in a person who is often near a smoker.

The main symptoms of such a cough can be divided into several stages:

First stage . There is a slight cough in the morning. Often this symptom does not cause concern to the smoker.

Second stage . The cough quickly turns into a profuse one, which is sometimes accompanied by pain. The sputum that appears at this stage may be colorless, green or gray, and sometimes streaked with blood.

Third stage . The cough is deeper and disturbs every morning. Efforts for coughing have to be applied in greater quantities. Shortness of breath, nausea, more sputum and severe, stabbing pain are clear signs of complications!

It is important to remember that a smoker’s cough is not accompanied by a high fever. Shortness of breath and cough can appear both with fast walking and with a sharp breath. Copious sputum production in the form of a dense clot is also a sign of a smoker’s cough.

Cough with phlegm

Coughing up some sputum in the morning is normal for a healthy body. This is how the lungs cleanse. In the event that sputum is the result of a dry cough of a smoker, you should consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, not all nicotine lovers pay attention to such symptoms and refuse to see a doctor. Slogans like “Smoking is harmful to your health” have become automatic for such people and are not taken seriously. Nevertheless, it is important to think about this, because you have one life and it should be protected.

Sputum production may indicate chronic bronchitis, the cause of which was an adverse effect on the respiratory tract. In this case, smoking. What such discharges say specifically can be said after laboratory tests.

It is important to monitor the nature of sputum and often show up to a pulmonologist. If the discharge is yellowish-green, and their number is constantly increasing, then this is a clear sign of an exacerbation of bronchitis. Fever and malaise accompany the exacerbation.

Dry cough

If you are worried about a dry cough or sputum is difficult to secrete, then the doctor will definitely prescribe you drugs that help in the process of expectoration. A dry cough is dangerous because, in its presence, the lungs and bronchi are not cleared, and they bring a lot of anxiety to both the smoker himself and those close to him.

Remember that smoking is a ticking time bomb!

It is impossible to ignore such a symptom as a dry cough, because it is fraught with consequences. So, for example, an earned cough from smoking cigarettes can undergo several metamorphoses from bronchitis to emphysema and lung cancer. Moreover, malfunctions in the lungs can lead to disruption of the heart. Ever heard of “cor pulmonale”? Take action to avoid this.

Ways to treat cough

In order to rightfully call yourself a long-liver, it is better to get rid of a bad habit now. How to do this you will read below.

So, if you started to worry about coughing after smoking a cigarette, this is a “bell” that is better to listen to. You can treat both traditional methods, folk remedies and non-standard methods. Which option suits you best is up to you.

Sometimes, for a positive result, doctors use traditional and non-traditional methods of treating cough in a synthesis. This allows a more comprehensive approach to solving the problem. However, it is important to remember that self-treatment is dangerous.

Before starting treatment, it is important to genuinely want to get rid of the smoking obsession. Each doctor will say that before starting treatment, it is important to tune in positively for a speedy recovery and get rid of bad habits.

Cough treatment with folk remedies

Non-traditional methods and means of treating cough is based on the same basics as traditional ones. First you need to completely give up cigarettes, avoid passive smoking. Folk remedies for a smoker’s cough – herbs and fees that help cleanse the bronchi. Popular herbs for treating coughs are thyme, oregano, licorice root, fennel, calendula, psyllium, etc.

Use these herbs to prepare decoctions, and use them orally. Sometimes fees are required for inhalations. Rubbing and warming with essential oils will be useful. Massages, steam baths will not be superfluous.

Homeopathic remedies will also help get rid of a smoker’s cough. This method of treatment refers to non-traditional methods.

It should also be remembered that it is not worth using all the methods for treating cough at once. This can play a cruel joke on health. Everything should be harmoniously arranged and in moderation.

Medical methods

It is possible to get rid of a cough in the traditional way with the right treatment, following the clear instructions of the doctor. The question of whether it is possible to smoke or not, in this case, should not stand. Smoking is strictly prohibited, and passive smoking should not be part of the life of a patient who wants to recover. Otherwise, a positive result will not be achieved.

A pulmonologist treats a smoker’s cough. Mucolytics are prescribed to improve the condition . The preparations can be in the form of syrups or inhalation solutions. If the case is started, with complications, it requires glucocorticoid therapy. In the event that the disease is complicated by infectious diseases, antibiotics are prescribed.

As for the dosage, it is purely individual and is prescribed by the attending physician based on the results of the anamnesis. Therefore, it is categorically not recommended to prescribe medications to yourself.

Is it possible to completely get rid of a cough?

In order to completely get rid of a cough, it is not enough to quit smoking. You need to learn to stay away from people who smoke and smoking places. After all, you are guaranteed to cough in a smoky room. Therefore, if you decide to become a healthy body and spirit, we suggest that you immediately put a pack of the same Winston aside and forget about it forever.

Smoking is not only harmful to your health, but also to those around you!

The recommendations of a pulmonologist must be strictly followed in order to clear the lungs of harmful substances in the near future.

Of course, it is difficult for a smoker who smoked a pack a day every day for several years, and in practice there are people with an experience of 15, 20 or more years, it is difficult to immediately quit smoking. Therefore, various means come to the rescue to help suppress the desire to smoke a cigarette. These drugs include electric cigarettes, special patches.

The problem can also be solved by pharmacological means. These drugs are N- cholinomimetic Tabex , the main component of which is cytisine. It is he who helps to reduce cravings for negative addiction. It is necessary to use the medicine strictly according to the schedule, which will be suggested by the attending physician.

Also remember that some components of the drugs may not be suitable for your body. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor.

Also, do not forget to take preventive actions:

  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • support the immune system;
  • periodically carry out inhalations;
  • visit a pulmonologist periodically.

Appreciate your life and be healthy!

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