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The effect of smoking and alcohol on a person

The combined effect of smoking and alcohol on a person forms a strong dependence on this bundle. Communication develops on the basis of long-term and regular use, leading to a special pathological condition – an irresistible craving for cigarettes and alcohol. These two drugs lead to disease and personality degradation.

The effect of alcohol and cigarettes on the human body

Children of parents who abuse nicotine and wine often suffer from excessive mobility and lack of concentration. Poor heredity contributes to slowing down their motor and mental development, mastering practical skills.

In adolescents who have begun to smoke and drink, the nervous system is primarily affected. To a much greater extent than in adults, children are overloaded with blood vessels. The intensively growing heart is abundantly supplied with blood poisoned by the toxins of tobacco and alcohol.

During puberty, bad habits affect the work of the endocrine glands and can lead to a stop and improper development of the whole organism.

Expectorant herbs help cleanse the lungs and bronchi. These remedies include mother and stepmother, lime blossom. Their combination in the Monastery tea gives a double effect.

Digestive organs are subject to serious negative changes throughout life . Smokers and alcoholics look older than their years. They lose sight, hearing, potency. The overall impact of tobacco and alcohol on the human body is characterized by high morbidity, mortality, and injuries; damage to the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems, immune exhaustion.

Influence on the course of pregnancy

At the time of conception and pregnancy (especially in the first 3 months, when all organs are being laid), alcohol provokes severe defects. After all, the placenta is not a barrier for the fetus. In women alcoholics, the so-called. an alcoholic fetus (with incorrect sizes and proportions of body and head parts, with a wide bridge of the nose and spherical eyes, etc.).

Women themselves are at risk of postpartum complications. Even small doses of alcohol in the body of the future father or mother affect heredity. Defective offspring may be born in subsequent generations. Families of drinkers have 5 times fewer healthy children.

Nicotine, entering the body of a pregnant woman, instantly penetrates the fetus, accumulates in its heart and liver, and contributes to acidosis. Benzidine attacks the central nervous system, unprotected by the immature brain barrier. As a result, toxic substances enter the brain. 30% of women who smoke suffer from hypertrophy of the thyroid gland, some have symptoms of Graves’ disease. This adversely affects the fetus and pregnancy.

Smoking and drinking women have toxicosis, miscarriage, prematurity, low weight of newborns. Heredity raises the question of the mental usefulness and viability of children.

General effect on the human body

Almost all heavy smokers are drinkers. The combined negative impact of smoking and alcohol on a person is enhanced by the fact that the drinker smokes 2-3 times more. The neighborhood of alcohol with tobacco becomes insidious in relation to human health. They stimulate, provoke and spur each other.

Two destructive forces act on the body simultaneously. The heart “beats” with repeated overload. The kidneys, lungs, and liver work at a frantic pace. Is there enough health to resist such pressure?


In the lungs of smokers there are cells completely filled with soot particles. Drinking smokers get lung cancer 30-40 times more often. Even with the current level of medicine, their mortality in emphysema and bronchitis is 6 times higher.

From alcohol and nicotine, the cells lining the mucous membranes are poisoned. There are inflammatory chronic processes.

When smoking, adrenaline dilates the bronchi and stimulates breathing. With each puff, more and more smoke enters the body, and with it carbon monoxide, which replaces oxygen in hemoglobin and provokes oxygen starvation.

Carcinogens from tobacco smoke, getting into the blood, spread throughout the body. Lung cancer in various forms affects 25% of smokers.

The breakdown products of alcohol are excreted through the lungs. Toxic acetaldehyde damages lung tissue. Pathogenic microflora develops on damaged tissues and mucous membranes. The slightest cold can be the impetus for terrible diseases. In conditions of reduced immunity, Koch’s wand, a provocateur of tuberculosis, is activated.

The cardiovascular system

Drinking smokers die from coronary heart disease 5 times more often. They have strokes, hypertension develops, and the number of cerebral hemorrhages increases 3-4 times. The average age of deaths from heart attacks is 48 years. Male smokers who take a drink often do not live past 65 years of age.

Smoking provokes a persistent decrease in the permeability of the vessels of the legs, which gives rise to severe suffering – obliterating endarteritis, threatening amputation of the limbs.

The combined effect of tobacco and alcohol on the human body is a failure of blood circulation, vascular tone and pressure.

Gastrointestinal tract

The combined effect of smoking, stress, overeating and alcohol on a person is dangerous with gastritis, ulcers and malignant tumors. It is not far from ordinary functional dyspepsia to oncology. Alcohol and tobacco are responsible for stomach cancer.

Alcohol is one of the substances that cause many intestinal disorders. In particular, Crohn’s disease and colitis lead to diarrhea. The largest burden of narcotic tobacco and alcohol poisons takes on the liver. Nausea and vomiting can serve as the first warning signs. The rapid development of cirrhosis leads to an early and almost inevitable death of the patient.

Vodka and cigarettes “feed” the cells of the body with alcohol and poisons. If the appetite disappears completely, the intestines can damage itself.


Alcohol and nicotine can affect the endocrine glands, including the sex glands. Alcohol acts on the liver in such a way that the production of the male hormone testosterone decreases. Tobacco smoke lowers vitamin E and sex hormone levels in young men and women. As a result – early infertility and impotence.

Drinking and smoking are accompanied by changes in the genital area – in a decrease in the functions of germ cells, and sometimes atrophy of the reproductive organs. The degree of sexual dysfunction is individual, depending on the amount of drugs and the duration of addictions.

A decrease in the number and motility of spermatozoa is observed in almost all drinkers, and sexual impotence in many heavy smokers. Surveys of men show that erectile dysfunction is often of a vascular nature, which is explained by the excessive use of alcohol and tobacco.

Influence on the human psyche

Intoxication and intoxication for smokers and alcoholics are the best psychological conditions. Attractions cease to obey reasonable arguments to stop smoking and drinking. The influence of tobacco and alcohol on the human body acts like a drug, causing mental discomfort and physical need. Large doses lead to mental degradation and the development of common diseases.

The body goes from mood swings and depression to loss of intellectual abilities and dementia. Therefore, the sooner, the better to start a group or individual visit to a narcologist and psychotherapist.

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