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Female smoking is slow suicide

Most normal people have a negative attitude towards murderers. Some are vocal supporters of the death penalty as a capital punishment for such people. Especially when it comes to people close to us . And what to do when a smoking girl is a killer. She is not a murderer because she took the life of another person, she is taking the life of herself. What then to do in this situation, whom to punish             

This suicide begins with curiosity. But its results can be fatal. First you will “kill” your beauty, then your health and deprive yourself of the right to become a mother. To begin with, your voice will coarsen, your teeth will gradually turn yellow and deteriorate . The complexion will take on an earthy tint. The sense of smell will change and taste will deteriorate, treacherous wrinkles will appear, the skin will become dry and lose elasticity. Female smokers at 25 look older than their nonsmoking peers. Then you will have health problems. This applies to the whole organism. Together with the beginning of smoking, you     


     you give yourself a huge bouquet of various diseases, the most dangerous of which can be called lung cancer and infertility. When you see people with facial defects, what do you feel about them? Probably a feeling of disgust. And there is no need to argue that this is not so. That’s all right. This is inherent in us by nature – aversion to the terrible and ugly. This is one of the ways of self-preservation – in no case become the same. Lip (or mouth) cancer is the result of smoking. It can occur in any smoker, regardless of age and social status. It will disfigure you. People turn their backs on you, you will lose the acquaintances whom you considered your friends. Young people will stop staring at you. I will not describe what can happen to you next, because you are an intelligent girl and you are perfectly aware of all this . This is another side of the coin called smoking. The body will also be severely affected by smoking. Lung cancer is a terrible diagnosis, which for sure, no one wants to hear in their life. And you, smoker, may have to. If, nevertheless , it is possible to save your life, then you will remain disabled, because living with one lung is not so easy. Think about it. Smoking can also cause a bunch of diseases that you, a smoker, probably know from school. I will not fill your head with unnecessary information. Your husband may leave you. You ask why it is, what is the connection between them? It’s not even in the fact that you’re going to play in the appearance of their smoke-rival, and at you from his mouth will go bad smell. There is another reason – hard-core smokers can not give birth to children, since there have been profound changes in the embryonic apparatus. A woman who smokes is imperceptibly approaching a critical moment, after which she will no longer be able to give birth, although for this she is ready for anything, for any sacrifice. But it will be too late, too late. Your husband will go to a less worthy one, but capable of giving birth to a healthy child. Believe me, he can do this, because paternal feelings are no less strong than maternal ones. Remember – “smoking is slow suicide.” According to the WHO, every fifth person dies from causes related to tobacco use. You can fall under this distribution too . The choice is yours.     

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