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Female smoking – the opinion of the smoker

Smoking is a part of our life, regardless of whether a person smokes himself or is a passive smoker, i.e. to those who are in constant interaction with “nearby smokers”. The number of smokers is growing, conversations and reminders about the dangers of smoking very few people stop. Smoking in educational institutions is especially contagious, when a young creature just wants to try everything, learn everything.

There is an opinion that a cigarette helps out in stressful situations, helps to collect and calm down. Being in a state of expectation, a cigarette helps to pass the time and relax.

According to statistics, among the “newly minted” smokers, the majority are women. What exactly makes them start smoking? There are a lot of answers, but let’s look at this “spectacle” from the outside ?!

If it so happened that a woman smokes, then it should probably be seen that it is a WOMAN who smokes !!!

Do I smoke?

Yes. And no matter how funny it looks, I like this activity. I love, you know, in the company of friends or a young man, being in an entertainment club, restaurant … dressed with a needle, with beautiful makeup, take a lady’s cigarette in my well-groomed hands … and take a drag.

I also like to get out of bed in the morning, put on your favorite silk robe, make yourself a cup of coffee and go up to the wide open window with it … light a cigarette.

A light breeze tugs at the curls of my hair, hot coffee warms my hands, and in the reflection of the window glass, I blow out the smoke of a cigarette that is rapidly smoldering in the wind. At this moment, one feels a special freedom and tranquility. I do not consider myself a heavy smoker. A cigarette is my peculiar feature, it complements my image, emphasizes my style.

But I have certain principles – places where I never pick up a cigarette. No, it does not say: “Smoking is prohibited!”, I just understand that it is not appropriate there.

I am outraged by women who smoke in the entrance of a house, at a tram stop, a playground … I am enraged by the sight of a woman on the run taking a puffed cigarette and hiding it after each pull at her chest … nails or, excuse me, a vort with black teeth … Ugh!

It hurts to look at these women: as if there is a war in the city, and a cigarette is the only goodness that you can eat, and you need to do it so that no one notices – otherwise, they will be taken away.

If you ask a smoker the question: “When a person smokes in your image, what kind of person is this person? Every second person will answer: “Independent, narcissistic”.

Here, this is how a woman should look … she loves herself! And he does not hate and wants to finish off! A woman with a cigarette should not have the appearance of an attack, the appearance of downtrodden and poor, as if a cigarette is the only luxury she can afford.

P.S. Still, smoking is the prerogative of women who love themselves!

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