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Surgeon’s opinion on female smoking

F. Uglov (1904-2008) – world famous and greatest surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, professor, chairman of the St. Petersburg Society of Surgeons and the “Union of the Struggle for Popular Sobriety”. As you already know, smoking in 90% of cases is the cause of such a terrible and fatal disease as lung cancer. Malignant smokers are 30 times more likely to get cancer than nonsmokers.           

There are hundreds of lung cancer surgeries and treatments performed around the world . They are performed by experienced surgeons. They are the same people like , and we have them also have feelings. Now imagine what they feel when they have to deny people an operation, which some patients consider the only way to save their lives. And they refuse only for one reason – it is too late and nothing can be done. Here the surgeon is powerless. Recently, more and more women-smokers get on the operating tables. When their chest is opened , what                  

     does the picture appear before the eyes of the surgeon? Dark lungs that have already become overgrown with metastases and can no longer be helped. While you are young, you rarely think about what will happen to you in 15-20 years . it’s still so far away. And you need to live and enjoy life today. Do n’t think that you look sexier in the eyes of the opposite sex. How wrong you are . You, smoking girl, are just temporary fun. And one should not be offended by this statement. In most cases, this is the case. This is the truth of life.   

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