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Harm of smoking during pregnancy

It has long been known that pregnant women are categorically NOT allowed to smoke (even if you really want to)!!! Also a reminder to smoking husbands of future young mothers – do not endanger the life and health of your future baby and your beloved woman.

What is your first reaction if you see a pregnant woman smoking on the street. In your heart, you imagine how you will approach her and say “what are you doing, why are you ruining your unborn child?”, But in fact, we will pass by looking at her reproachfully. Because we all know what smoking causes during pregnancy. Or not all? So.

Everywhere they write that if a man smokes one cigarette less than a day before conception, then a child can be born with disorders of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It often happens that children start smoking long before they are born. They get nicotine through the placenta. It is known that the body of an adult recovers from the effects of a cigarette in 4-6 hours, and the undeveloped blood circulation, liver and kidneys of the human fetus remove such a dose of poison in at least 28 hours. It turns out that having smoked only one cigarette a day, a pregnant woman poisons her unborn baby. Nicotine poisoning is also enhanced by breastfeeding, which, along with beneficial nutrients, contains a large amount of poison – nicotine. As a result, the child begins to suffer from the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to metabolic disorders, therefore, increases the likelihood of diseases such as diathesis and allergic reactions. Also in the future, the child may develop chronic gastritis.

According to experts, newborn children of smokers weigh 300-400 grams less than newborns of non-smokers. These children also have smaller height, brain and chest volume. Very often they are born with an underdeveloped heart muscle, and congenital heart disease can also occur.

As a result of the negligent attitude of future mothers to the health of their child, most children are born prematurely and already inside the mother suffer from oxygen starvation. In such children, there is a defect in the development of the skeleton, in particular the bones of the arms and legs. Observations show that such children often lag behind their healthy peers in mental and physical development. According to German scientists, children of smoking mothers are more inattentive and impulsive. And British scientists came to the conclusion that such children have a 40% increased risk of developing autism.

That’s not all. British scientists have identified the dependence of smoking at an early stage of pregnancy and the birth of a child with a cleft face (popularly, such a physical defect is called “cleft palate” or “hare lip”). They explain this by the fact that it is at this stage of the formation of the embryo that the formation of the child’s palate takes place.

Did you know that:

  1. Children of smoking mothers will sooner or later begin to smoke themselves;
  2. These children are more likely to be diabetic or obese than others;
  3. The rate of pregnancy failure is significantly increased in mothers who smoke.
  4. The frequency of spontaneous miscarriages and premature births is increasing; an increase in the frequency of prematurity and underweight at birth; there are violations in the feeding of newborns; adaptive capacity decreases and the risk of neonatal diseases increases; the number of congenital developmental defects increases; deterioration of the physical and mental development of the child.

So, before you light a cigarette, take your time and think about your baby. After all, every good mother wants her child to grow up healthy and happy.

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