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How to restore lungs from smoking

Many people who ask how to restore the lungs after smoking say that this can be done in 30 days. We can agree with this if we are not talking about several decades of smoking, but about shorter periods, for example, several months. But let’s take a closer look.

At the very beginning of giving up cigarettes, there is a high chance of breaking loose. In the first month, this happens to 70% of smokers. If you hold out for six months, the chance to return to a cigarette is reduced to 50%. Only 15% of non-smokers start smoking again for 1 year. After 1.5 years of abstinence from smoking, only 5% of people take a cigarette.

The respiratory organs are lungs, the bronchi are strongly “impregnated” with toxic resins. The cilia located on the surface of the lungs lose their motor activity, which contributes to poor circulation of the lungs and impairs their performance, sputum appears.

As a result, a suffocating cough occurs, which causes restless sleep, increased irritability and fatigue, shortness of breath appears. Therefore, it is difficult to agree with the statement that it is possible to restore the lungs after quitting smoking in just 30 days. It will take much more time.

Are the lungs recovering?

From the moment a person decided to say goodbye to a bad habit, his body was already quite “saturated” with a whole complex of substances. Therefore, as soon as a former smoker quits smoking and poisons his body with toxic resins, the same respiratory organs are the first to be cleansed.

At the same time, you should not forget about the fact that the recovery process will be more successful and much faster if you follow some rules and tips.

Features of lung recovery

As mentioned earlier, the process of restoring the organs of the respiratory system is quite difficult and not fast. The very next day, sometimes on the second, there is an unpleasant sore throat, a strong cough, possibly with phlegm, and a specific smell from the mouth.

These are normal symptoms on the way to recovery of the respiratory organs after years of smoking. Such processes indicate that the drainage system of the lungs begins to cleanse the respiratory system as a whole.

Folk remedies for cleansing the respiratory system

There are many folk remedies for cleaning the lungs, these are:

  • bay leaves are laid out in the house to purify the air and strengthen the immune system. You can also use lavrushka infusion . To do this, pour several leaves of lavrushka with boiling water and insist for several hours. Take orally before meals 3 times a day.
  • ground lemon and honey are mixed in equal proportions. Take 3 times a day before meals. Such a folk remedy contributes to the rapid discharge of sputum.
  • with the help of onions and garlic, they cope very well with harmful resins. Thanks to the phytoncides that these vegetables secrete, an antimicrobial effect on the lungs occurs.
  • many doctors on the path to recovery recommend eating chicken broth in the diet. Amino acids found in chicken broth contribute to the thinning and rapid discharge of sputum.

Physical activity

It is very important to correctly distribute the load on the body. Too intense physical activity will put unnecessary stress on the heart and respiratory organs, leading to a severe cough.

Walking in a coniferous forest, visiting a bath will help you get rid of smoking.

Too little load will not lead to the desired results. Therefore, it is important to choose the sport in which there will be interest and desire will not disappear in the near future. Gradual increase in loads will contribute to a uniform supply of respiratory tissues.


Often inhalations are credited with miraculous properties. Thanks to the inhalation of herbal decoctions, the body is more quickly cleansed of harmful resins. For herbal infusions, chamomile, oak, and sage leaves are used.

To do this, the leaves are steamed with boiling water, insisted and begin to breathe over the steam. Long-term use of such an inhaler will help restore the lungs as much as possible.

Sauna, bath

The use of such water procedures is similar to inhalations, only on a larger scale. Vapors enter deep into the lungs and bronchi.

And if you use eucalyptus or fir oil in a bath or sauna, the effect will increase several times. In addition, doctors recommend using a broom made of oak, mint and eucalyptus during the process.

The use of medicinal herbs

As healing herbs, doctors recommend using infusions and decoctions of pine buds, thyme, and also in the form of fees. Such herbs are brewed with boiling water, after which they insist and consume 3-4 times a day.

Breathing exercises

Yoga can be used as a breathing exercise. It contributes to the renewal of the respiratory system, stimulates the immune system, and also acts as a preventive measure for the organs of the cardiovascular system.


After many years of smoking, nutrition should be complete, saturated with vitamins, as well as products that help strengthen the immune system. In addition, foods such as onions and garlic should be included in the diet at the initial stages. We have already written about their benefits above.

Walks in the coniferous forest

Such types of walks are recommended not only for yesterday’s smokers, but also for people suffering from respiratory diseases. The air in the coniferous forest is saturated with phytoncides, which kill and inhibit the growth and development of bacteria in the body.

5 tips to restore lung function

  • 100% smoking cessation, as it makes no sense to carry out any treatment if you continue to smoke, even in small doses;
  • an integrated approach to cleansing the body of harmful nicotine substances. One of the main criteria for an integrated approach is drinking plenty of water, at least 2 liters per day;
  • the need to avoid smoking areas, tk. passive smoking also negatively affects the body as a whole;
  • an important factor on the way to a quick recovery of the lungs is the correct air temperature within 20 degrees, the humidity level is not more than 60-70%, as well as frequent airing of the room up to 3 times a day;
  • all equipment that emits positive ions, such as a computer, TV, office equipment, should be kept away from you, preferably in another room, because. it negatively affects the lung epithelium.

Smoking negatively affects our body: skin color worsens, it becomes more flabby, teeth become yellowish, a person becomes more irritable, tired, gets sick more often, because his immune system weakens, a debilitating cough and shortness of breath appear.

Most smokers, especially women, are afraid to quit smoking because think they can get better. But at the same time, there are a lot of low-calorie foods that can be easily replaced with the usual cigarettes, despite the fact that these products will only benefit the body.

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