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Smoker’s teeth

It is clear that the teeth from the dentist’s office are of little interest to us. Well, they don’t exist anymore, so why pity them? But what are the most precious and beloved parts of our body, remaining in the mouth of a diligently smoking owner, we will try to find out.

Smoker’s teeth can be divided into two categories:

  1. Those teeth that are in the mouth.
  2. Those teeth that were left in the dentist’s office.

Well, for us, peasants, it’s often not that we don’t give a damn about our health, sometimes we don’t give a damn about our lives, don’t give a damn and sprinkle earth on top. Therefore, few of us brush our teeth three times a day, and some, in general, perceive a toothbrush as a torture tool. But women, the most beautiful and wonderful creatures on our planet, manage to spend hours on morning and evening toilet. And, of course, they pay much more attention to their teeth than, sometimes, to their own husbands …

When we take a much-desired puff of fragrant tobacco smoke, a large part of the chemical encyclopedia settles on our teeth before reaching the lungs. Teeth, like real city guards, are trying to stop the invasion of poisonous radioactive chemicals, but they give up after the first attack. It’s no joke – three dozen lightly armored infantrymen against several thousand fighters of the Enemy’s motorized infantry with chemical weapons on board … Ummm … what am I talking about … Oh yes!

Tobacco smoke that gets into the mouth immediately sticks to the enamel of the teeth with a very sticky, quickly hardening and extremely toxic resin. Therefore, in smoking men, the teeth become yellow very quickly. We rarely clean them! But in women, even after twenty years of smoking, their teeth remain white. Unless, of course, the teeth themselves still remain. But this whiteness is like a coffin at a funeral. Outside, everything is beautiful and pompous, but inside – a decaying corpse.

So here – in front of the teeth are white, and on the inside – they look like building rubble. And what’s going on under them – neither a pen can not be described, nor a foul language can not be formulated. In the teeth of a smoker, the so-called dry caries begins to develop very early. We, the people, frightened by the fact that Russia has two troubles – caries and menstruation, have long ceased to perceive caries as something dangerous to our health. Well, you think a hole in the tooth?

We put a seal and that’s it. But here’s the problem. This hole is not ventilated, which means that all the rot does not just remain inside the tooth, but impregnates it and spreads to all neighboring teeth. At first, it seems, nothing, and then the teeth suddenly begin to ache, swing for no reason at all, shoot … and fall out. And they fall out so merrily, as if they were not native, but poorly implanted inserts.

You wake up in the morning with a tooth on your pillow. And it stinks of such a terrible rotten stuff that it becomes sickening. By the way, this is a hint to women. Don’t force your men to kiss that stinking cesspool that you tenderly and lovingly call a mouth. From the mouth there was only a hole in the head, into which they eat. And the teeth have long been affected by a severe form of periodontal disease and are ready to desert from your mouth at the first opportunity. A severe form of periodontal disease leads to rotting of the bones of the skull. And rotting bones, unlike rotting teeth, cannot be removed with pliers and you cannot put in false ones.

And the teeth of an adult have one significant drawback. If they fell out, they fell out forever. And smoking doesn’t just make your teeth yellow. It makes them dead. And dead tissues, as you know, decay and collapse.

I didn’t just compare teeth with soldiers. A person with healthy teeth has far fewer health problems than a person with diseased teeth. Teeth – they, indeed, like guards at the gate, are the first to meet everything that enters our body, from mother’s milk to poisonous tobacco smoke. And no matter how much tobacco lovers try to prove to themselves that there is nothing bad in smoking, but good – just a carriage, tobacco very quickly destroys the smoker’s teeth. And often when the smoker is still alive.

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