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Passive smoking during pregnancy

Almost every woman who finds out about her “interesting situation” tries to protect herself as much as possible from all harmful factors and get rid of addictions. Everyone knows that pregnant women are strictly prohibited from smoking and drinking alcohol. But few people think about the harm that secondhand smoke can cause during pregnancy. It would seem that if you are just in the company of a smoking person, then this is not dangerous. The bottom line is that you don’t even notice how much poison you are letting into your body .

Why is secondhand smoke sometimes more harmful than active smoking?

When a person stands next to a smoker, they inadvertently inhale air containing tobacco smoke. Many people think that secondhand smoke is harmless. But as medical studies show, inhalation of smoke poses a serious threat to human health. 

It should be borne in mind that you put yourself at greater risk when you are in a smoky indoor area. It is also not recommended to regularly inhale smoke from cigarettes for a long time. This is especially true for women preparing to become mothers and young children.

Cigarette smoke itself is unpleasant. In addition, it is absorbed into the hair, remains on the skin and clothes. It also contains harmful substances that poison the human body.

Why mennym can not be in the company of smokers?

Dear ladies, if you want to give birth to a strong and healthy baby, firstly, give up any addictions. Secondly, try to protect yourself from people who abuse smoking and alcohol. Remember how harmful and dangerous second-hand smoke during the first days of mennosti . It provokes a narrowing of the vessels of the placenta and uterus, a decrease in the level of vitamins C, B and folic acid in the body.  

Due to the lack of vitamin C body mennoy worse digests protein disturbed metabolism, reduced immunity in general. In addition, tobacco smoke contains mutagenic substances that cause genetic defects in the fetus. Therefore, it is harmful to inhale it already at the stage of conception.

How does the unborn child suffer from the mother’s secondhand smoke?

Naturally, the woman should carefully monitor her own health. After all, the normal development of the unborn child directly depends on this. Smoking, both active and passive, has a negative effect on the baby in the womb.  

Judging by the medical research, of which a lot has been carried out in this area, smoking of the expectant mother leads to the development of pathologies in newborns. Cigarettes and tobacco smoke contain harmful substances: carbon monoxide, nicotine, benzopyrene , carcinogenic resins and even radioactive components. When meline woman inhales a all this affects the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels and the immune system as a whole. Also, harmful substances through the placenta enter the fetus.

Smoking can trigger premature birth, miscarriage, or stillbirth.

An unborn child in the womb accumulates much more toxic substances. Besides the above, the passive smoking at mennosti causes placental vascular spasm. As a result, oxygen ceases to flow to the fetus, hypoxia sets in. The baby develops more slowly and may be born prematurely. Such babies, as a rule, have a small mass, insufficient body length, head and chest circumference.

Possible consequences of second-hand smoke for the expectant mother

Passive smoking is most dangerous during the first days of menstruation , because during this period the fetus is most vulnerable. Inhalation of tobacco smoke is generally harmful to the body of the expectant mother and her child. This causes certain serious consequences, which will have to be regretted in the future.

Passive smoking leads to placental insufficiency, as a result of which the placenta ceases to function normally. The fetus does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. As a result, a baby can be born with various neurological disorders. In some cases, the fetus dies in the womb or during childbirth.

If the woman regularly breathes cigarette smoke, then the fetus may experience developmental delay syndrome. These babies are born with low body weight. They often get sick, lag behind physically, they have an unstable psycho-emotional state.

Due to passive smoking is often observed miscarriage mennosti . Tobacco smoke leads to miscarriages or premature birth. This is explained by placental insufficiency, which develops when smoking.

Cigarette smoke negatively affects the structure of the vessel walls. As a result, there are violations in the placenta. Its premature detachment may occur, leading to internal bleeding. The placenta should be separated from the uterine wall only after the baby is born. If this happens earlier, then the fetus may die inside the mother’s womb.

Smoke at mennosti leads to the development of malignant tumors and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Also on the background of smoking or inhalation of tobacco smoke in variables observed previa placenta. In this case, the placenta is attached to the lower part of the uterus and overlaps the internal os of the uterine cervix. As a result, a woman cannot give birth to a baby naturally. The risk of internal bleeding increases.

As mennoy protect themselves from the harmful effects of smoking?

Active and passive (involuntary) smoking at mennosti causing irreparable harm to unborn child. The most competent way out of the situation is to completely quit smoking. If the expectant mother is unable to get rid of the bad habit (or simply does not want to do it), she can somewhat reduce the existing risks.

It is recommended to install powerful ventilation devices in places most often used for smoking at home. It is necessary to ventilate the premises more often, do wet cleaning in them, paying attention to all surfaces.

In public places, an exchange woman has the right to demand that others comply with the law prohibiting smoking. An understanding bosses can allocate a special place for smokers, equipping it in accordance with the law. Regular ventilation must be provided in work areas.

Smoking is fraught with the development of serious diseases in the mother and fetus.

The nurse should protect herself and her future baby as much as possible from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. It is advisable not to be in the company of smokers. Family and friends should understand the seriousness of the situation and not smoke near me .

Statistics provide disappointing data

As statistics show, children whose mothers smoked during menstruation are prone to obesity. By the age of 16, they usually develop diabetes mellitus. Sons of mothers who smoke often have small testicles. Their sperm concentration is reduced by 20%. That is, in the future, such men are less likely to become happy fathers of the family.

Smoking and alcohol at mennosti lead to miscarriages.

As a result of secondhand smoke during the first days of menstruation, in the future, the born child may develop nicotine addiction. Daily smoking of a pack of cigarettes increases the risk of premature birth by one and a half times. The expectant mother should be attentive and serious about her own health and the health of her child.

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