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Woman and cigarette

Nowadays, a woman with a cigarette will surprise no one. Women smoke at bus stops, near shopping centers, in parks, and this is not considered something immoral and obscene. According to statistics, from 15 to 40% of women smoke in Russia, depending on the regions.

What pushes a woman to take a cigarette in her hands?

Someone smokes, coping with stress with the help of nicotine, someone for the company, someone is simply addicted to nicotine and smokes out of habit. But whatever the reason for smoking, a woman must understand that she is causing irreparable harm to her body and the health of her children.

Harm of female smoking

The female body is naturally stronger than the male, but the harm from smoking for him is much higher. The volume of women’s lungs is less, metabolic processes are faster, the rate of poisoning is higher.

Women who smoke are more susceptible to cancers of the cervix and mammary glands, they are more likely to have mastopathy, ovarian fibroadenoma, hypoxia, spasms, and osteoporosis.

Almost any woman who smokes has an accelerated aging of the body. The skin becomes thinner, dull and wrinkled. Hair fades, gray hair appears earlier. Nails change color and durability. Teeth decay, turn yellow, and a strong bad breath appears. Lost beauty, attractiveness, tenderness, femininity.

Under the influence of tobacco smoke, the elasticity of the vocal cords decreases, the woman’s voice becomes hoarse, rough, hoarse. Chronic cough develops.

Under the influence of hormonal disruptions, the character of the smoker changes, nervousness, irritability, and rudeness appear.

Smoking affects the reproductive function of the female body. Under the influence of toxic substances, the hormonal background is disrupted, the likelihood of conception decreases. If pregnancy occurs, then smoking can provoke miscarriage, stillbirth or abnormal development of the fetus.

Premenstrual syndrome manifests itself in a woman who smokes twice as often. Lower back pain, acne, chest pain – all these are PMS symptoms that smokers of the fairer sex are prone to.

Lack of estrogen in the body leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the brain and central nervous system. There are constant headaches, fatigue, insomnia.

Under the influence of tobacco smoke, the gastric mucosa is destroyed, chronic gastritis and ulcers develop.

Female smoking statistics

  • According to the World Health Organization, every fourth woman in the world is a smoker, and this figure is constantly growing.
  • Women who smoke are more likely to develop lung cancer than men.
  • A pregnant smoker has a 25% higher risk of placental abruption than a non-smoker.
  • Miscarriages in smokers occur 30% more often.
  • The probability of having a still child is 5 times higher if the mother smokes.
  • Women who smoke are five times more likely to develop obstructive pulmonary disease than male smokers.
  • When taking oral contraceptives, a woman who smokes has a 20-fold increase in the chances of getting myocardial infarction.
  • Due to the lack of hormones in a smoking woman, menopause occurs 5 years earlier.

Wow what a beauty

Feminine beauty has been praised by poets of all times. Soft hair, smooth skin, gentle voice, magical scent. In the modern world, a woman holding a cigarette is considered the standard of attractiveness and eroticism.

But there is nothing behind this external eroticism. No freshness of face, no femininity, no scent of hair, no fresh breath. A hoarse voice, flabby skin, peeling nails, disgusting breath, an absurd character and poor health are what lies behind this tribute to modern fashion.

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