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Pregnancy management – readiness for motherhood and giving up bad habits

Pregnancy … Perhaps, this word, like no other, can cause two completely opposite reactions in the beautiful half of humanity : horror and happiness. Horror arises when such a diagnosis is sudden and undesirable, and, accordingly, happiness – if the pregnancy is long-awaited and desired. But and in fact, and in another case, one thing is clear: the woman’s life after the announcement of the diagnosis never be the same as before it. Pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child implies a completely different way of life. In the first place, the expectant mother must give up all bad habits. The course of pregnancy and the further fate of her baby depend on whether she is ready to quit smoking and drinking alcohol for the health of her child .                          

Unwillingness to “break” your life, to quit smoking, can cause a woman to become pregnant and decide to have an abortion. Another reason that can push a woman to have an abortion is fear of the difficulties she may face. In every woman’s pregnancy process is different. If the body is weakened, the expectant mother may feel constant malaise, experience discomfort. Pregnancy will be difficult. For example, it has long been known that if you “poison” the body with nicotine, the risk of complications during pregnancy significantly increases . Is a woman ready to become a mother? It depends on many factors, but, first of all, on the psychological state of the woman. Before deciding on such a crucial step, you need to honestly answer yourself a few questions:            



  1. How “romantic” do you find pregnancy? The image of a beautiful and spiritual future mother in a new way , which today can be gleaned from TV series and romance novels, is not the reason why you need to go for it. Any pregnancy is, first of all, hard work and responsibility for the life and health of the child for all 9 months, and subsequently for at least 18 years. You realize whether you have it in full? Dispose if necessary knowledge of education? Material opportunities? Are you ready to forget about your bad habits?                        
  2. In what state is your health, were Whether you complete a medical examination? It often happens that an ordinary women’s consultation – Moscow or a province rife with institutions of this kind – is simply not in a position to identify the pathology and contraindications for pregnancy and childbirth (eg curvature of the pelvis). Therefore, before planning future motherhood, it is necessary to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the state of the body – from the level of leukocytes in the blood to possible allergens. If your health condition worries doctors, it is better to give up trying to become a mother for at least six months and switch to a healthy lifestyle.                        
  3. Is the decision to become a mother yours? Marriage and pregnancy in the minds of the majority are synonymous words, therefore, often after marriage, a certain pressure begins to be exerted on a woman by her husband and relatives. It is very important here not to succumb to this far-fetched sense of duty and to determine the willingness or unwillingness to take such a responsible step.           

If all these questions are not new to you , and you have already thought about them many times , you can safely plan a pregnancy. Of course, it is advisable to do this under the supervision of doctors. Pregnancy management, childbirth and the postpartum period – all this is tolerated by a woman much easier under the supervision of specialists and with proper moral and physical preparation.                    

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