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Want to have a healthy baby? Do not smoke!

Scientists have proven that smoking leads to a decrease in the ability to have a child. Special hydrocarbons (seemingly polycyclic aromatics), which are found in tobacco smoke, lead to the death of eggs. These substances interact with a special molecule on the surface of the egg and activate a gene that leads to cell death. Doctors on this score give the following comparison: smoking in young women is equated to the removal of one ovary. Therefore, if a woman who smokes wants to have a child, then she will have to try.

Thanks to research, it has become known that the fertility rate of women who smoke is only 72% of the level of non-smokers. Also, smokers have low fertility after they stop taking contraceptive measures. Women who smoke produce fewer immature eggs and therefore have less than half the pregnancy rate of non-smokers. And those lucky women who still managed to get pregnant have an increased risk of miscarriage .

Missing periods and irregular menstruation are common among smokers. Smoking leads to natural menopause 1-2 years earlier than non-smokers or quit smokers. This is due to the toxic effects on the ovaries that come from tobacco smoke.

If a woman wants to carry out artificial insemination, then everything will not be so smooth here either. French scientists have found that if a woman smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day, then she has only 5% that the fertilized egg will take root.

But men can also be to blame for unsuccessful attempts to have a child. What exactly? But:

  1. nicotine and other harmful substances adversely affect male sperm;
  2. men who smoke are more likely to suffer from impotence.

So, if a man and a woman are going to become parents of a healthy baby, then they need to start putting their health and lifestyle in order from the moment they made this important decision.

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