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Smoking is a threat to the health of the expectant mother

Many women do not think that smoking during pregnancy is associated with a negative impact on her body. The risk of complications during pregnancy increases many times over. In the second half of pregnancy, women are more likely to have toxicosis. Smoking mothers have a high frequency of vaginal bleeding, changes in the placenta.

  1. decrease in the mass of the placenta;
  2. violation of placental blood flow;
  3. thinning of the placenta membrane;
  4. ultrastructural changes.

Nicotine also penetrates the mammary glands and affects the production of breast milk and the percentage of its fat content. As a result, mothers stop producing breast milk early. But no baby food can replace breast milk in terms of nutritional value and vitamin content.

Also, in women who smoke at the beginning of pregnancy, the likelihood of tubal pregnancy increases by 50%, when a fertilized egg is attached not in the uterus, but in the fallopian tube.

Smoking affects the position of the placenta in the uterus. If the placenta is close to the exit from the uterus, then during childbirth, this can cause severe bleeding, which can lead to sad consequences. Also, in pregnant women who smoke, the risk of premature birth is increased by 50%.

Doctors believe that smoking during this period has great harm on the woman’s body. It is necessary to warn expectant mothers about the possible consequences of their frivolous attitude to their health.

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