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The harmful effects of tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke contains many dangerous substances, such as nicotine, hydrocyanic acid, tar, carbon monoxide, various carcinogens, which, during pregnancy, penetrating the placenta, enter the fetal bloodstream. Smoking also contributes to abortion and to premature birth. Statistics show that 50% of all miscarriages occur when a pregnant woman smokes more than a pack of cigarettes a day.           

Smokers pregnant oxygen content in the blood of the fetus is reduced by almost two times. In addition, the toxins constrict the blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the fetus. Tobacco smoke increases the risk of premature rupture of the membrane of the amniotic fluid and death of the fetus or newborn. Children of smoking mothers are born underweight, and learning problems may occur over time . Smoking increases the likelihood of various defects in newborns, such as heart disease, a defect in the spine, split palate, and diseases of the nervous system. The degree of risk directly depends on      


   the number of cigarettes smoked daily.

Smoking is the most common bad habit among pregnant women, which increases the likelihood of various kinds of complications. Also dangerous is “passive smoking” when a pregnant woman does not smoke, but is often in the same room with a smoker , inhaling tobacco smoke. 


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