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Smoking – physical and intellectual development of a child

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to abnormalities in the formation of the fetus. It can be expressed both in physical defects and in lagging in intellectual development. What kind of life awaits a child with facial defects, for example, “cleft palate” or “cleft lip”? It will be good if his parents do not abandon him at birth, and he does not join the army of Russian street children. He will be teased by his peers, he will grow up notorious. In the future, it was difficult for him in this world. You want such a fate for your unborn child. Probably, not. 

In addition, the following physical abnormalities are often found in children: congenital defects in the fingers of the extremities (fused fingers, extra toes, or even their absence on the hands or feet).

The English scientist Peter Mossi proved that when the palate is formed at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, smoking can lead to deviations in its formation (“cleft lip” or “cleft palate”).

Clubfoot is also the result of the mother’s smoking during pregnancy. In the future, this can lead to problems with the spine. Significant changes were observed with respect to the developmental disorder of the neural tube.

Women who smoke more often than non-smokers have children with heart defects and defects in the development of the nasopharynx, inguinal hernia, strabismus. Obesity is another result of the mother’s smoking during pregnancy. The predisposition of such children to obesity is 62% higher than that of children of non-smoking mothers.

There are also deviations in intellectual development. Research shows that children who have been exposed to a variety of psychoactive substances before birth experience behavioral and learning problems. In particular, subtle but significant abnormalities are found in the ability to regulate emotions and in focusing and maintaining attention (Phil fidget syndrome).

Smoking during pregnancy has been associated with problems with the functioning of the auditory brain area. In newborns, this is manifested by a reduced response to sounds and altered processes of habituation to hearing.

Diabetes. This disease occurs 4, 5 times more often children whose mothers smoked. There is only one conclusion. If you want to give birth and raise a healthy child, quit smoking in advance, and best of all, do not start at all.

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