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The other side of the coin called “female smoking”

You are a young, energetic woman who can manage her personal and family budget. And it seems to you that the costs of this habit are negligible. At first glance, this is so, but if you sit down and count, what will we get the result? Suppose the cost of one pack of cigarettes is 40 rubles. On average, a smoker smokes one pack a day, the costs per week amounted to 280 rubles, per month – 1120 rubles, per year – 13,440 rubles. Costs on the prank obtained on these too and small.                      

It is necessary to add to this the costs of buying chewing gums, lighters, sprays – breath fresheners, etc. As a result , an impressive amount accumulates in a year . To this can be added the costs of whitening toothpaste for smokers and dental services (caries treatment or teeth whitening). Now don’t be lazy and calculate how much of your salary you turn into smoke every day . By that same spend not just you. Think about your employer. According to the research results of British scientists, the nicotine contained in one cigarette is enough to reduce the concentration of movement. Plus time spent on smoke breaks. Based on the results of all the same studies, it was calculated that at work a smoker is about 400 – 450 minutes of working time per week, or 6.7 – 7.5 hours. It Well almost the whole time! And do you think the employer will be attracted by a person with such a ruinous habit. Some statistics: according to the estimates of American financiers, a smoking employee costs the company $ 1000 more per year : the time spent on smoke breaks, the productivity of other employees, even non-smokers, suffers. Do your colleagues already at a 10% concentration of nicotine in the air in an enclosed space will decrease performance. As a result, I will provide the following statements (aphorism and proverb): “The cost of one cigarette is equal to the cost of a pack divided by 20. The price of 1 cigarette is equal to a few seconds of life” and “the smoker pays twice – for cigarettes and for treatment.”         

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